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Jack Merridew Essays - Novel Series, Allegory, Lord Of The Flies

Jack Merridew Jack Merridew He was tall, thin, and bony, and his hair was red beneay the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness. A cruel and ugly bully, he early develops a taste for violence. He is a leader of the choir at first, and then of the hunters. His leadership resides in his ability to threaten and frighten those under him. He is always ready for a fight. His victory over Piggy represents the triumph of violence over intellect, as he smashes one of the lenses of the fat boy's glasses. The knife that he carries is a symbol of the death and destruction that accompany his every act. He does have some attractive qualities-bravery and resourcefulness. But these are easily hidden by his newly discovered wrath, envy, pride, hatred, and lust for blood. He is constantly attempting to weaken Ralph's hold on the boys. He suggests opposite measures, he shouts abusively, he threatens, he is constantly demanding to be made chief. In all, he is a complete stranger to polite behavio r. In his constant rivalry with Ralph, and in his constant preoccupation with killing, whether it be pigs or fellow human beings. He could always be found leading the boys into a chaos of brute activities. His egotistical outbursts and his temper tantrums suggest that he is immature in his social development. But as hunter and killer he is extremely precocious. The readiness with which he throws himself into the existence of a savage, as he pauses to sniff the air for scent, or falls to his knees to inspect the pig droppings, or runs naked and painted through the forest, suggests the flimsiness of the restraints and patterns of civilization in a personality in which the destructive passions flow strongly. If the novel is read as religious story, Jack emerges as an delegate of the Devil, enticing the other boys to sin. If the novel is read as a representation of Freudian (I'm Learning this in Psychology now) principles, Jack represents the primitive urges of the id. In the symbolic representation of the processes of life and death, Jack suggests, both in the black cloaks which he and his followers wear and in his association with darkness, the power of death. In his first appearance, coming out of the darkness of the forest to face Ralph, whom he cannot see because his back is to the sun, Jack represents the Satanic and deathly force coming to confront the divine and life giving man of light. The blood that he wallows in is a further representation of deathliness. When, after his first kill, Jack transferred the knife to his left hand and smudged blood over his forehead as he pushed down the plastered hair, he unconsciously imitates the ritual of the tribal initiation of the hunter, wh ose face is covered with the blood of his first kill. Finally, if the novel is read as the story of human civilization, Jack represents the influences of unreason and confusion and violence as they operate counter to the progress of human virtues and social institutions.

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Justice in Agamemnon essayEssay Writing Service

Justice in Agamemnon essayEssay Writing Service Justice in Agamemnon essay Justice in Agamemnon essayJustice is a key word in the drama Agamemnon by Aeschylus. However, there is no an absolute justice in the drama. Justice is only in the eye of the beholder. Aeschylus criticizes his time through the evolution of the nature of justice.Clytaemnestra believes she must exact revenge against her husband for killing their daughter Iphigenia. She has taken Agamemnon’s brother as a lover and king in order to revenge the sacrifice of their daughter. However, Agamemnon believes that the honor of his family demanded the sacrifice that he made unwillingly, and that he was forced to give up his daughter. He sacrificed his daughter to the god Artemis in order to get favorable winds to reach Troy. Agamemnon’s sacrifice led to the conflict with his wife. Who is correct? There is a debate regarding Clytaemnestra’s actions and Agamemnon’s actions. Clytaemnestra gets justice in the play as she managed to kill her husband and place herself and her l over on the throne. She states that justice has been done in the name of her daughter Iphigeneia. Clytaemnestra explains her actions in the following way:You try me out as if I were a woman and vain;but my heart is not fluttered as I speak before you.You know it. You can praise or blame me as you wish;it is all one to me. That man is Agamemnon,my husband; he is dead; the work of this right handthat sturck in strength of righteousness. And that is thatIn other words, her revenge can be justified. At the same time, Clytaemnestra’s killing of her husband is considered to be an injustice against him.Thus, it is necessary to conclude that justice can be interpreted in different ways. Different conceptions of justice depend on the initial choices and situations. The notion of justice in Agamemnon by Aeschylus is revenge.

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Introduction to Sentence Combining Exercises

Introduction to Sentence Combining Exercises This exercise will introduce you to sentence combining- that is, organizing sets of short, choppy sentences into longer, more effective ones. However, the goal of sentence combining is not to produce longer sentences but rather to develop more effective sentencesand to help you become a more versatile writer. Sentence combining calls on you to experiment with different methods of putting words together. Because there are countless ways to build sentences, your goal is not to find the one correct combination but to consider different arrangements before you decide which one is the most effective. An Example of Sentence Combining Lets consider an example. Start by looking at this list of eight short (and repetitive) sentences: She was our Latin teacher.We were in high school.She was tiny.She was a birdlike woman.She was swarthy.She had dark eyes.Her eyes were sparkling.Her hair was graying. Now try combining those sentences into three, two, or even just one clear and coherent sentence: in the process of combining, omit repetitive words and phrases (such as She was) but keep all of the original details. Have you succeeded in combining the sentences? If so, compare your work with these sample combinations: Our Latin teacher in high school was a tiny woman. She was swarthy and birdlike. She had dark, sparkling eyes and graying hair.When we were in high school, our Latin teacher was a tiny woman. She was swarthy and birdlike, with dark, sparkling eyes and graying hair.Our high school Latin teacher was a swarthy, birdlike woman. She was tiny, with dark, sparkling eyes and graying hair.Our Latin teacher in high school was a birdlike woman, tiny and swarthy, with graying hair and dark, sparkling eyes. Remember, theres no single correct combination. In fact, there are usually several ways to combine sentences in these exercises. After a little practice, however, youll discover that some combinations are clearer and more effective than others. If youre curious, here is the sentence that served as the original model for this little combining exercise: Our high school Latin teacher was a tiny, birdlike woman, swarthy, with sparkling dark eyes, graying hair.(Charles W. Morton, It Has Its Charm) An unusual combination, you might say. Is it the best version possible? As well see in later exercises, that question cant be answered until we look at the combination in the context of the sentences that precede and follow it. Nevertheless, certain guidelines are worth keeping in mind as we evaluate our work in these exercises. Evaluating Sentence Combinations After combining a set of sentences in a variety of ways, you should take the time to evaluate your work and decide which combinations you like and which ones you dont. You may do this evaluation on your own or in a group in which you will have a chance to compare your new sentences with those of others. In either case, read your sentences out loud as you evaluate them: how they sound to you can be just as revealing as for how they look. Here are six basic qualities to consider when you evaluate your new sentences: Meaning. As far as you can determine, have you conveyed the idea intended by the original author?Clarity. Is the sentence clear? Can it be understood on the first reading?Coherence. Do the various parts of the sentence fit together logically and smoothly?Emphasis. Are keywords and phrases put in emphatic positions (usually at the very end or at the very beginning of the sentence)?Conciseness. Does the sentence clearly express an idea without wasting words?Rhythm. Does the sentence flow, or is it marked by awkward interruptions? Do the interruptions help to emphasize key points (an effective technique), or do they merely distract (an ineffective technique)? These six qualities are so closely related that one cant be easily separated from another. The significance of the various qualities- and their interrelationship- should become clearer to you as you continue to work on this skill.

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MGMT670 Week 4 Conf Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MGMT670 Week 4 Conf - Assignment Example A second situation in which SWOT analysis would be useful for the company is to evaluate other companies. A few years ago the firm was looking for a strategic to form a marketing alliance. The executive management team of the company utilized SWOT to evaluate the different partner alternatives. â€Å"SWOT chart can help to uncover opportunities that your company is well placed to take advantage of† (Smith, 2006). A third potential application of SWOT analysis is that it can be used to analyze different locations for international expansion. To fully analyze external opportunities an analyst has to monitor the key macroeconomic forces which are demographic-economic, technological, political-legal, social-cultural (Kotler, 2003). The identification of the strengths of a company can be used to formulate plans and operational procedures to improve the efficiency and profitability of a company. The analytics of opportunities can help an organization gain a competitive advantage. Analyzing the threats of a company is crucial to adequately incorporate a risk management plan. It can also help firms mitigate and resolve problems when they occur through proper strategic planning. Our firm should expand the use of SWOT beyond the executive management team in order to take full advantage of the capabilities and reach of this powerful managerial tool. SWOT analysis is a great tool, but it does have its limitations. For instance the use of SWOT does not provide alternative solutions to managers for specific problems. The analysis is too broad base which hinders the ability of a firm to solve specific problems that are hurting the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the company. Project management requires the ability of the project managers and his team to prioritize specific issues. The use of SWOT does not help the leader

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Personal statement for Finance (NOT ACCOUNTING) program at Imperial Essay

Personal statement for Finance (NOT ACCOUNTING) program at Imperial College - Essay Example While in China, I had the opportunity to work at Volunteer Union, Suzhou, for the old people. I also worked as a journalist for XJTLU University in Xian. I could do fairly well as a journalist, and some of my works got published in the official website of the university those days. All these areas helped me to get along with people and sustain confidence in everything I do. I was always crazy plying with numbers. During my graduation, I was very particular with the subject that even the solution to an easy puzzle would give me a lot of delight. The reason why I love to select finance as my subject is I want to concentrate on the unpredictable financial market situations in order to make stock analyses based on the market environment that involves a lot of mathematical calculations and analyses. To get real life experiences and additional knowledge on my prospective career, I have made visits to actual financial markets and travelled through markets like Shaanxi Finance Radio, Huatai Security Company and Agriculture Bank of China. Admittedly, my internships added to my experience and I clearly understood the required level of expertise a person must possess in order for working in financial markets. After two years’ major education in China, I left for Liverpool for continuing the rest of it in September 2010. My two years experience in the UK helped me to adjust with strange cultures and to take up a different view on urban and finance culture. This knowledge in cultural diversity is essential for one to act in response to the present financial problems in the modern economy especially in financial markets. I have the strong hope that Imperial College London with its fortunate reputation in academic world can help me to develop my skills and employability across a wide range of industries. The subjects like statistics, economics, securities market and financial mathematics that I studied during my

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Two Countries Essay Example for Free

Two Countries Essay All countries in the world are unique. There are many differences and similarities between Brazil and the United States. They are different from one another in location, size; culture, government, education, healthcare, economy, and lifestyles. Many countries share similarities and have some differences. Brazil and the United States are in different hemispheres, but these two nations share many similarities. Â  One important similarity is their governments. Both Brazil and the United States have a president as head of state that is elected and only allowed one re-election. They both are federal governments and have a four years term in office. They both governments are guided by a written constitution and have three branches. These are the similarities I could say about their politics. Another similarity between Brazil and the United States is the diversity of ethnic groups. Brazil was colonized by Europeans, and its culture has been greatly influenced by this fact. However, the identity of the Brazilian people is not solely a product of western civilization. Brazil has many ethnic groups that immigrated there and mixed with the native people. The United States also has a diversity of ethnic groups representing the early colonists from northern Europe as well as groups from Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and South America. The mixture of cultures and customs has worked to form ethnically rich cultures in both countries. One important difference between Brazil and the United States is the public health system. The Brazilian public health system is the National Health System (SUS), and the United States public health system is managed and provided by government. They both have a private health system with serve in a complementary role. The Brazilian public health services are universal and available to all citizens of the country for free. In the United States public health system is government programs directly cover a small part of the population including the elderly, disabled, children, veterans, and some of the poor. Federal law mandates public access to emergency services regardless of ability to pay. Therefore, this is a small difference between these Brazil and the United States’ health system. Finally, Brazil and the United States education systems have public and private schools. They have different ways to enter in college, but the same time is spent in the basic schools. The teacher’s devotion with teaching is the same, but there are different relationships between teachers and students. This is a brief comparison between the Brazilian and American educational system. In conclusion, there are many differences and similarities between countries, as location, size, culture, government, education, healthcare, economy, and lifestyles. These are some elements that could be similar or different between Brazil and the United States.

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Industrial or Economic Espionage :: International Business Competition Essays

Industrial or Economic Espionage A small Mississauga electronics safety equipment company is broken into. Although filing cabinets and desks were rummaged through, nothing was seemingly taken. An officer discovered the company had drawn up a bid for $7 million dollar contract a day or so before the break-in. The contract in question was for a foreign country. It was later discovered that the company in question was known for its aggressive economic espionage. An iron ore shipping company was also broken into. At first it was thought that the target had been the firms computers. But, nothing was taken, it was assumed that the burglars had been scared off. Within thirty minutes it was discovered that the company was approaching its fiscal year end. staff eventually found that most of the recent database backup tape was missing. A Quebec based company with the laser-based system for inspecting materials used in, among other things, the stealth aircraft, had three computers stolen. On their harddrives were confidential codes for specialized software used by the Canadian Armed forces. The above are all true examples of the modern threat facing international business today known as industrial or economic espionage. The end of the cold and economic pressures have increased the risk of economic espionage. The collapse of the Soviet Union has left unemployed KGB and other former communist bloc intelligence agents selling everything from Russian night vision devices to completely assembled and functional bugging devices. Even friendly western European governments have been caught spying on private corporations based in the U.S. and other countries, while industrial competitors sometimes hire private companies to collect competitive intelligence from their corporate rivals( Lester:96). What exactly is economic espionage? how prevalent is it? Who does it? How do they do it? and what can we do to stop it. These are the questions that will be looked at in the following pages. First lets look at, what exactly is economic espionage. Espionage and intelligence is no longer the exclusive domain of monarchs and governments, it has become a must for modern international business. Large corporations around the world particularly in western Europe and Asia now hire agents to gather intelligence on their competitors and other countries. The goal of economic espionage is to steal trade secrets, plans and confidential procedures or anything to give your company or country a competitive edge over another (Perry:1996). The areas that interest industrial spies the most include radiation transfer technology, systems diagnostic and testing software, traveling wave tubes, aviation technologies, microwave monolithic integrated circuits, inferred signature measures software, radar technologies, wet